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Dr. Susan Ricketson
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About Susan

Dr. Susan Ricketson is a Life Coach dedicated to clients who wish to enrich the quality of their lives -- no matter what their age! Her personal and professional philosophy is evident by the name she selected for her Website -- Live From Your Heart! In addition to a generalist coaching practice, Dr. Ricketson focuses her workshops and individual coaching on the following areas:

  • The Dilemma of Love -- Enriching relationships with those we love.
  • Aging with Purpose & Pizzazz!
  • Life Transitions -- from Change to Transformation.

From Change to Transition

  • A 2001 graduate of Coach University

  • A member of the International Coaches Federation

  • The board of directors of the Tucson Coaches Alliance

  • Charter member of the "Professional Coaches with Physical Disabilities Wisdom Circle."

She is a trained and seasoned family therapist who has worked with couples and individuals using a body-mind integration and holistic approach, and was the co-founder and Executive Director of Triad Recovery Center in Connecticut. Susan is a practitioner of Biomagnetics Touch Healing and Trager therapy, and is a 3rd degree master in Radiance/Reiki. She is also a Pima County animal therapist who works with people who have lost a pet and need the support in grieving. A member of the Society of Southwestern Writers, Susan continues her writing as well as book-signing appearances for her book, Dilemma of Love. Susan is married, the mother of seven children and has five grandchildren.

Dr. Ricketson specializes in personal spiritual transformation and relationships in transition -- whether the changes are ones you wish for and of great challenge or ones that have been brought upon you by outside conditions.

She lives what she speaks
and success is the word for her clients!

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Personal Life Coach